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Magic Mirror on the wall, who has the easiest pumpkin idea of all? This no-carve pumpkin is spooky and easy for little hands to make, go ahead...take a bite!

What You'll Need: 

- Craft Pumpkin OR Fresh Pumpkin
- Red & White Craft Paint (I use this brand)
-Black Sharpie
- Hot Glue Gun
-Scrap Of Green Felt

How To Make It:

1. Paint the base of your pumpkin red, coat twice for consistency.

2. Once paint is dry use the sharpie to draw the poison apple face shape. It's essentially two droopy circles for eyes and a runny triangle/ upside down heart as a nose, you can get creative with this and use a quick google search as a reference.

3. Paint the top of your pumpkin white and start to form "drips" around the pumpkin and the eyes, coat twice for consistency. Let dry completely.

4. Cut out felt leaf for the top, use hot glue to attach.

Sharing what was included with this months Smuglers Bounty subscription box. The theme this month was "Jedi Knights" and was stuffed full of unique things from the light side of the force.

As a reminder this is a Funko subscription service that ships every other month with exclusive Star Wars themed goodies inside. The other boxes I talk about on the blog are Disney Treasures and Collector Corps (Marvel).

Right off the bat, we get a much older (wiser? heh) Luke Skywalker as our patch of the month. I'll bee 100% honest I didn't know who the pin this month was so after having Cameron inspect it, I learned it was Plo Koon. If you, like me need a refresher on him and his Jedi relevance click here.

There were two pops included with this months box and they are both awesome. The first was young Obi Wan Kenobi (very cool) but the one I was most excited to see was Aayla Secura. I think it was an awesome choice to include a female Jedi knight and I organize my pops by color, so she will make a great addition to my "blue" section ;)

The color of the paint on her is so pretty! I have heard some people had paint issues with theirs but mine came out just fine.

Also included was a Yoda plush which was fitting since he was featured on the outside of the box this month. I love the plushies and this one really added an extra dose of cute to this months box. Unfortunately I think my dog Baloo likes the plushies a little *too* much and I am afraid of Yodas fuzzy hair not lasting very long in my house.

The last thing included was a VERY fun T-shirt that Cameron managed to snap up before I got a picture, haha. It was one of four styles included, check them all out here.

To sign up for Smugglers Bounty click here, next months theme is The Last Jedi and Ive got my fingers crossed that a Porg item of some sort is included ;)

This DIY Haunted Mansion door sign makes a spooky addition to your haunted abode and will be sure to make you the perfect ghost host this Halloween season.

What You'll Need: 

- The "Foolish Mortal" template, included in this post.
-Acrylic Paint (I love the Martha Stewart brand) in silver, green, and white
-Paintbrush and Sponge

How To Make It:

1. Print out your template and set aside, make sure it will fit in your frame and if it doesn't downsize the scale when printing. 

2. Use polymer clay to create 3 figures. For the top portion of the sign, a horned face and arch and for the bottom a skull. Bake these for 30 minutes at 250 degrees, let cool for 3 hours on a flat surface. 

3. Paint your frame and backing mint green, also paint your clay figures once completely cool.

 4. Assemble your frame and cut out your template letters with an Xacto Knife, trace and paint in lettering. Use a dark green colored paint for contrast. 

5. Glue clay figures to your frame.

5. With your silver paint and sponge, apply paint to your frame and figures in a random pattern to give the sign a false "aged look"

6. Use season after season to spook your houseguests ;) 


Sharing what was included with this months Disney Treasures subscription box! The theme this month was "Tiny Town" and was full of the cutest tiny things from Disney Films and Disney Parks!

As a reminder this is a Funko subscription service that ships every other month with exclusive Disney themed goodies inside. The other boxes I talk about on the blog are Smugglers Bounty (Star Wars) and Collector Corps (Marvel).

The patch this month was Princess Atta from A Bugs Life and this totally thrilled me. I love the film and she is one of my favorite POP characters to date. This is definitely the best patch I've received in any Funko box to date....except perhaps this one ;)

And this months pin was Gus-Gus from Cinderella.

One of the biggest surprises for me was the "it's a small world" Dorbz Ride, I guess I never thought they would make anything for this attraction so it's safe to say I was thrilled to see this included!! The little girl (representing Holland) and the little boy (representing Mexico) come complete with a ride boat. It's safe to say this vinyl will have a prominent spot in my office.

I think what made this box such a good one is that two "crown jewels" were included. One being the it's a small world ride and a wildly fun Tinkerbell POP. Her glitter trail, the paint colors used, and the figures stance make this one of my all time favorite POPs that I own. This pop reminds me so much of the Disneyland I enjoyed as a kid and in particular the fireworks show where she flew in at the end from the castle. Anyone else remember that? haha.

Also included was a darling Jimmy Cricket mystery mini that came in a ride themed tin, similar to the one I showed in the pirates cove box. 

Overall, such a cute box. Next months box (Haunted Forest) is sold out, so if you want to hop on the list for the following theme do it quick! To read past Funko unboxings similar to this one click here, and be sure to check out Funkos unboxing in video form here.

Sharing what was included with this months Collector Corps Box! The theme this month was "First Appearance Avengers" and was stuffed full of fun goodies for classic Marvel fans.

As a reminder this is a Funko subscription service that ships every other month with exclusive Marvel themed goodies inside. The other boxes I talk about on the blog are Smugglers Bounty (Star Wars) and Disney Treasures.

This months pin, Nick Fury!

And this months patch, Captain America! I don't know what you all do with your Funko box patches but I DIY with mine so I was thrilled to snag this one :) I love the stark contrast and how Cap pops out against the background. Stunning....and patriotic hah.

Next, the two POPs in the box. This month we have Vision and Iron Man. I can't say much about Iron Man because personally I don't collect him but I think Vision is WILD! He is so colorful and Funko captured this character so well, vibrant and bold. I think the motion in the cape and color in this figure makes the price of this box 100% worth it if you are a Marvel collector. Amazing.

And if you are an Iron Man fan this pop is a must have, I really like that they included his exact clenched hand position straight from the cover of the comic book! And speaking of comic book covers the hulk T-shirt included with this box was one of my favorites. Personally I love the Funko tees that come with these boxes, I wear them with shorts all summer long.

To see Funko's reveal of this box click here, and to sign up for Collector Corps click here.

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