2013 | Ariel and Alder
This year as a freshman in college i decided that it would not only be wonderful to have my family thanksgiving dinner, but one with my friends as well.

And so Friendsgiving was born, an idea that my friend Ethan and i thought up late one night at a study party. We planned, and planned, cooked and cooked, and had a fabulous time in the company of our friends. So blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.


Since my trip for Hawaii is just two days away, I figured its about time to start packing. Usually I'm pretty together about this stuff, but it has been a super busy week and I've procrastinated a bit. Packing for a trip has got to be in my top 5 most favorite things. Its so much fun to put together outfits when you have somewhere exotic to go. 

Heres a breakdown of how and what i packed for 7 days and 6 nights in Oahu!

In My Suitcase

First i pack three casual outfits that i can wear shopping, out for lunch, or after the pool. I pick out three complete outfits (including shoes but minus jewelry) and set them aside. 

After this I add my "extras"

1. Set of PJ's
2. Some "athletic" attire (tennis shoes, raincoat, shorts)
 3. Basic dress that goes with anything
4. Bikini and a swimsuit (this swim suit is from Trina Turk)

In My Toiletry Bag

Since the FAA made the rule about liquids and gels, i have had to split my toiletry bag into two different bags. 

Bag #1

In this bag i keep all my dry makeup and hair things, its easy to overpack makeup for me for some reason because i always bring doubles of everything. This time i tried to be super careful when packing up my makeup for the week. Heres what i ended up with (top to bottom)

-1 Kabuki brush for foundation AND blush 
-Elastic hair bands (the most useful thing in this bag)
-Benefit concealer
-Brown eyeliner and eye brush
-Neutral and dark eyeshadow
-Benefit mini mascara
-Hair ties
-Basic headband

Tip: Minis help conserve a ton of space! If you get ahold of mini versions of products, hold on to them! they can be lifesavers.

Bag #2 (FAA regulated quart size bag)

Pretty basic....anything liquid or gel goes in here!

-Redken outshine 101
-Rollerball perfume
-Clinique mini moisturizer 
-L'occitane olive oil lip balm

In My Carry On

-Latest knitting project
-Water for elephants
-Cosmetic bag
-Quart size "liquid and gel" bag
-My wallet
-Sun hat
-Running hat
-EOS lip balm
-Travel blanket
-Erin Condren life planner
-Travel nail kit
-Chinos Bag

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