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Since my trip for Hawaii is just two days away, I figured its about time to start packing. Usually I'm pretty together about this stuff, but it has been a super busy week and I've procrastinated a bit. Packing for a trip has got to be in my top 5 most favorite things. Its so much fun to put together outfits when you have somewhere exotic to go. 

Heres a breakdown of how and what i packed for 7 days and 6 nights in Oahu!

In My Suitcase

First i pack three casual outfits that i can wear shopping, out for lunch, or after the pool. I pick out three complete outfits (including shoes but minus jewelry) and set them aside. 

After this I add my "extras"

1. Set of PJ's
2. Some "athletic" attire (tennis shoes, raincoat, shorts)
 3. Basic dress that goes with anything
4. Bikini and a swimsuit (this swim suit is from Trina Turk)

In My Toiletry Bag

Since the FAA made the rule about liquids and gels, i have had to split my toiletry bag into two different bags. 

Bag #1

In this bag i keep all my dry makeup and hair things, its easy to overpack makeup for me for some reason because i always bring doubles of everything. This time i tried to be super careful when packing up my makeup for the week. Heres what i ended up with (top to bottom)

-1 Kabuki brush for foundation AND blush 
-Elastic hair bands (the most useful thing in this bag)
-Benefit concealer
-Brown eyeliner and eye brush
-Neutral and dark eyeshadow
-Benefit mini mascara
-Hair ties
-Basic headband

Tip: Minis help conserve a ton of space! If you get ahold of mini versions of products, hold on to them! they can be lifesavers.

Bag #2 (FAA regulated quart size bag)

Pretty basic....anything liquid or gel goes in here!

-Redken outshine 101
-Rollerball perfume
-Clinique mini moisturizer 
-L'occitane olive oil lip balm

In My Carry On

-Latest knitting project
-Water for elephants
-Cosmetic bag
-Quart size "liquid and gel" bag
-My wallet
-Sun hat
-Running hat
-EOS lip balm
-Travel blanket
-Erin Condren life planner
-Travel nail kit
-Chinos Bag

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