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I love traveling, truly I do. I've been hopping on planes like cars since before I could walk. The stress of traveling so often overwhelms me, and i'm caught off my game. I like to consider myself a neat and tidy person, someone who likes to be prepared. But traveling is the least predictable situation one can be thrown in, there are an array of things that can happen to a traveler that dump stress and disorder on to an otherwise ordinary experience.

With spring break just next week I'm once again thrown into traveling preparation. And although this trip is a vacation not a working trip (hooray!) I find myself faced with a challenge. I have a huge event the two days before I leave, so I have to be extra ahead of the curve. With this in mind here are some ways I keep it together when I'm about to be on the road. 

1. Plan ahead and take action before stress arrives. This one is the hardest to live by for me. Weeks before my trip I say to myself "I'm going to get started way early and be super prepared this time" only to find myself the night before scrambling to pick out the right shoes to bring. Do as I say not as I do on this one, because I need to work on it too. Make a plan and set aside time to pack, before you get stressed out. 

2. Scope out your destination. There's nothing worse than getting to notoriously sunny Hawaii to find out it's raining and you didn't pack a raincoat. Check out the weather ahead of time and figure out what events and activities your going to be going to at your destination, so you can dress (and pack) accordingly.

3. Create a packing list. Can be as simple as a post it note, or as detailed as typing one up and printing it out. Anything that will give you an idea of exactly how much your bringing, this always helps me cut down if I'm over packing. Double check you have everything, and your good to go! 

4. Make snacks and meals a priority. A hungry traveler is no fun to be around. Make sure you do what you need to do to keep yourself fueled. A pit stop to Starbucks, a granola bar in your carry on, whatever it takes to keep you from scarfing bags of peanuts and pretzels on the plane. 

5. Use air time to be productive. If your traveling by car, good luck! the only thing i can do successfully on a road trip is listen to music and patiently wait for my carsickness to subside. During a plane ride i figure; i'm stuck there anyway, might as well get to work. If you've got a stray paper to write or something to work on, make your airtime useful and use it wisely. My favorite plane ride activity: calender cleanup.

6. Arrive fresh and ready to take on the day ahead (or go to bed). Plane rides have a way of making you feel stale and dry. Keep what you need to feel fresh  ready to go for your arrival. I usually keep lip balm, Evian spray, a sample vial of my current perfume, and a change of clothes on me at all times when traveling. 

What are your spring break plans and how are you preparing?

Sometimes I can get caught up in a web of my own rules and habits. How is it that I have a closet full of diverse clothes yet head for the same stable outfits day after day, only stopping to think outside of the box when the laundry bin gets full and demands I do so.

I think I miss out on wearing some of the more unique pieces in my closet. Which is a total problem because it means i'm not expressing my sense of style with what i wear, only with what i buy. I hate to think some of my closet favorites are gathering dust.

What made me stop and think about this was receiving a piece of jewelry that was SO unique that the need to wear it overcame my daily wardrobe merry go round. If you haven't heard of Kellembell Jewelry, the statement pieces are by far some of the most stand out I've ever seen. I definitely dig the J-Crew trendy types of jewelry, but having a hand made alternative that stands out among others definitely does more for your wardrobe.

Like a true prep addict , Kellembells lilly pulitzer print necklaces stood out most to me. But her inventory doesn't stop at Lilly. She offers everything from game day prints to leather and suede, making your necklace truly personal.

After anxiously waiting for my "Sailor Patch" necklace in the mail. Upon its arrival I was overwhelmed by its vibrancy and the cute little scalloping on the sides. This adoration flew me into an all night re evaluation of my closet, I didn't want yet another piece of unique jewelry sitting in my closet unworn. 

I had a little too much fun picking out combos, so for homework's sake (How many days till spring break again?) ended up remixing one of my go to basics for class the next day. Gimme some slack…it was a Monday. But I can't wait to to try this new piece out with staples and not-so-staples with the goal of wearing it at least 6 times in the next few months (I made a checklist and everything.) Hold me accountable readers, I will be posting my attempts on Instagram. 

Outfit Details: Jeans (skyline crop) / Necklace: Kellembell (c/o) / Purse: Tory Burch (Thea Cross Body)

Kelly (the owner of Kellembell) is incredibly sweet and runs a pretty crafty blog to go along with her store. Be sure to check out her blog site and Etsy shop. 

Finals can be a time of high stress for just about every student, even in high school i remember finals week being jam packed. With one term of college under my belt i put together a little study tips list that i use to stay on track!

College Aged Readers: Feel free to comment any tips you have for finals week in the comments section below! I always love to hear what others do to tackle studying so i can add them to my list : )

1. Find a favorite place to study outside where you live.

I say this because I feel like even though i get most of my work done in my teeny tiny dorm "office". When test taking time rolls around, its best to limit distractions. Since everything is at my desk, it's so easy to answer emails instead of reviewing material like i should. Find a favorite study nook or head to the library to prepare for tests and work on projects. By limiting your distractions you become more efficient, taking what would be a 3 hour study session and making it an hour or less. Whats leftover is more free time for you!

2. Study in a group. 

One of the most cliché study tips, until you get to college and realize how true it really is. Sharing knowledge with fellow students is oh so beneficial! Even if its just a group of two, 2 minds are always better than one.

3. Bring snacks to keep you going.

Personally, i need coffee, baby carrots and a luna bar to keep me going. If your going to study for a long time, you will need fuel bottom line. And if your studying for over 2 hours sometimes a sandwich or meal is necessary. Try to select foods that will sustain you for your study session. Empty foods like chips, soda, and candy only make you hungry later on, so opt for something with protein and substance. (Don't get me wrong there have been all nighters where the vending machine has been my true friend, my dining halls close early)

4. Be reasonable about the material.

You can't remember everything. So try to grasp both the main concepts of what your studying and relevant details. If the class has a study guide, use it! The teacher wouldn't put it on there unless they felt it was important. But trying to capture and store every little detail will make you crazy. Don't do this to yourself!

5. Keep all your essentials in one bag/backpack.

Nothing is worse than going somewhere to study, only to have to turn around and pack up because you  forgot something essential. Chapstick, Textbooks, Planner, Highlighters. Whatever you use keep all your stuff in a carry all tote or backpack so that what you need is always at hand. My Adam Block Dee Gee tote has been my lifesaver through midterms, It holds literally everything. 

6. Stay organized in a fun way that is also functional.

Colorful school supplies and a planner are essentials for me. Keeping organized is great in general, but by having colorful supplies and fun additions i make my system more appealing to use on a daily basis. Theres no one right way to do this, so play around until you find a system you can stick with. There is an array of to do lists, planners, and calendars out there to try!

7. See the light at the end of the tunnel.

Theres always a light at the end of every term, AKA a break (Winter, Spring, Summer). Don't get discouraged if you've got a stressful few weeks, a vacation is coming! Keep Calm! Also, always make sure (even on the busiest week) to make time for what you love. Blogging, friend time, gym time, reading, Netflix. Whatever makes you happy and keeps you sane! Makes the week as painless as possible. 

Hoodie: c/o Adam Block Designs / Vest: The North Face / Flats: Tory Burch "Reva"
Jeans: Paige "Skyline Crop"/ Tote: c/o Adam Block Designs

And for my fellow Panhellenic sisters! Do your chapter a favor and snag some cozy greekwear to get your sisters through finals week! Nothing Is a better feeling in the sorority world then when new goodies arrive. One of the best things about Greek life? The awesome apparel. My Adam Block Designs Floral Hoodie has been on me at all times through this weekend i can't stop browsing the ABD website. (Hello, Frockets!) Be sure to check them out for some darling greekwear! Don't see your letters? Not a problem, They customize for your chapter! 

Stay Comfy, Study Hard. You Got This!

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