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Breaking In Jack Rogers

Hello Friends! Happy Almost-August!

If you have ever owned a pair of Jack Rogers sandals than you know its not love at first wear.

I mistakenly brought my practically new Jacks to New York with me. What a mistake. They tore apart my feet and made it impossible to wear anything other than fuzzy socks after my trip. But on the bright side, after returning home from the big apple (and once my shoe inflicted wounds had healed) suddenly they were comfortable enough to wear!

What is this strange magic? I did some research and found that I was not the only one with Jack Rogers  pain. Jack Rogers almost always have to be broken in before they become wearable.

After a few trials here are the 5 things i do to "break in" my Jacks.

1. Size up-

I went up a half size and I am oh-so glad that I did! Jacks tend to run small and narrow so use your best judgement when picking out your size. If you want to try before you buy check out your local Nordstroms!

2. Scuff up the bottoms-

Jacks come slippery and smooth on the bottom. The first thing I do when a pair arrives is take them outside and scuff them up against the brick. I learned my lesson the hard way after slipping on some carpeted stairs while wearing a brand new pair. Ouch.

3. Use band aids to prevent blistering-

During your first wear in your new sandals, rubbing is inevitable. Carry some band aids in your wallet so that you are prepared for when this happens.

4. Wait it out-

Never judge a shoe by the first week of wearing them. Be patient and in time the band will stretch out and your Jacks will be your go to sandal in the summer!

5. Don't stress-

Jacks are made to look "worn in" and "dirty"over time. Don't worry if your jacks don't look like the day you bought them. The more broken in they get, and the more they form to the shape of your foot the more comfortable they are for you.

How do you break in a brand new pair of shoes?


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  1. I remember when breaking in my first pair of jacks, I slipped down a flight of hardwood stairs! I was literally bruised for weeks - next pair I will definitely be trying out some of your tips!

    Pick Your Beau

    1. I learned the hard way too! They are so slippery on the bottom when you first get them!

  2. Breaking mine in was so tough! I bought two at the same time, so I had two pairs to alternate and break in. It was rough! But now they're the comfiest shoe I own!

    Constance || Prep Northwest