August 2014 | Ariel and Alder

With back to school season approaching quickly its time for another giveaway! Im so excited to be teaming up with May Designs to give away a personalized notebook. If you haven't seen the May Designs notebooks and stationary before they are super cute! You can pick your pattern and monogram the cover in a million trillion different fonts and colors.

One lucky winner will receive a gift card to May Designs so that they can pick out a notebook and personalize it. Good luck!

For my Notebook I chose the zebra pattern in coral and customized with black diamond monogramming. Im in love with how it turned out and will definitely be using it this school year.

Ever feel like its so hot you're melting? 

The first day I arrived in New York, it was superbly hot and humid outside. I'm pretty sure I was on the edge of turning into a puddle. Naturally living in the Pacific Northwest, I despise hot humid weather. If I had a choice, I would choose antarctic temperatures over heat any day.

Stuck in the concrete jungle and already running late to a meeting, I traded in my jeans for a maxi skirt and hit the ground running. Let me tell you, there is nothing more pleasant than a maxi skirt in the sunshine. Breezy, easy to wear, comfortable. I was a much happier camper once I had the appropriate outfit on. 


Maxi skirts and dresses are seriously the BEST summer trend!

Outfit Details: Skirt/ Tank Top (thrifted but similar here)/ Necklace (Etsy but better version here)/ Wallet (retired Kate Spade, similar style here)/ Sandals/ Sweater (retired J Crew, similar here)

Shop this look below:

Whats your favorite outfit to beat the summer heat?

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