September 2014 | Ariel and Alder
I have always thought that menswear gets the better batch of plaids when fall rolls around. I had been on the hunt for some perfect fall button ups all summer when I saw this one on clearance in the menswear section of JCrew.  I went back and forth all summer deciding whether it was a good idea to forgo fit for a pattern that I really loved. Eventually I purchased the shirt and tucked it into my closet for the season ahead. 

Well fast forward two months and its the first chilly day in Oregon. What do I want to immediately layer with? That shirt. 

Is it the best fitting thing in the world? Heck no. But let me tell you, on a cold day when I have to go back and forth between lectures, running errands, and working in my office. Its pretty close to autumn perfection. 

Outfit Details: Flannel Shirt (long gone, but similar here and here)/ GiGi New York Monogrammed Crossbody (c/o)/ Lisi Lerch Earrings (c/o)/ LeggingsBoots (on sale here)/ Target Oversize Tee (similar here)/ Three Jane Map Necklace(c/o)/ Lip Color

Now for a little bit about the necklace I'm wearing. The designer Katie (of 3 Jane NY) is an incredible designer and I love the little personal touches in every piece she designs. The map necklace is by far her most popular piece and is absolutely perfect for everyday wear and layering. When she asked what address I wanted my map to be of, there was no doubt in my mind. 1313 Disneyland Dr. 

Why Disneyland? One might ask considering its a theme park and not my childhood home or the address of a loved one. 

Well...for a lack of better wording Disneyland holds my heart, and Walt Disney serves as a personal source of inspiration. My family returned annually to the park when I was a kid and some of my best memories were made there. I was a full on Disney kid, and had a stash of Disney things to match my obsession. (Still do!) But like any kiddo, eventually I had to part with much of my collection and what remained didn't really fit into my adult life. When Katie and I were brainstorming I thought this was the perfect way to integrate Disney into my everyday wear without sporting my little mermaid tee shirt out in public ; )

The necklace depicts the park, with special emphasis on attractions I loved as a kid like Dumbo the flying elephant (Pictured below with my dad) or the Castle. A teeny tiny diamond is placed in the center of the park and is marked Disneyland. Basically I couldn't love how it turned out any more than I do.

**Disney Fun Facts**

A question I get asked quite often is "Do you think you will end up in retail/fashion?" To which I hesitate and reply "I don't really know" It has always been a back burner dream of mine to work for Disney or Pixar. Hear me Disney?! I'm available for hire ; )

My father is one of thirteen (yes, that's 13) children. So his only trip to Disneyland as a kid was extra rare and special. And I'm sure keeping track of 13 heads in the park was a nightmare for my grandmother.

I have also been to Disney World and on the Disney Cruises but good old DL California is still my favorite.

My favorite character is Ariel, my favorite ride is still Dumbo, and I am terrified of the witch in Snow White. I have to say however, Elsa is giving Ariel a run for her money. 

I still listen to Disney soundtracks in my car and at my desk. Extra embarrassing when people on the road look over and see no children in my backseat to rationalize the sound. #NoShame

Have you ever found something that didn't "really" fit but you bought it anyway? Are you a Disney kid at heart? Or are you cooler than I am ; )

Traveling is one of my favorite things but the preparation for a trip can leave even the most savvy traveler scatter brained. I cant tell you the number of times I have said to myself "this time things will be different" before a trip only to find myself frantically throwing clothes into bags the night before. And once I finally arrive where I'm headed I have to open my bags and deal with the tangled, lumpy aftermath of my procrastination. 

Just before I left for Hawaii in August, Lori Leigh Designs asked me if I would be interested in trying some travel jewelry cases on my trip. You guys, these cases have changed the way I travel. 

I admit, its not ALL the jewelry cases doing. I had to challenge myself to pack my jewelry for the trip on time (small victory!) But once I took the ten minutes to do so, my jewelry stayed organized and tangle-free the whole time. 

The Mini Chalet is perfect for weekends at home, road trips, and can easily fit into a purse! I love it for quick trips. But the Travel Chalet is what I brought with me to Hawaii. It's the perfect size for longer trips when you need more than just a few things. Both sizes are under 30$ which is absolutely awesome, and one of you will be receiving a Mini Chalet for free! 

I am giving away one Mini Chalet from Lori Leigh Designs! Especially perfect considering the holiday season is just a few short months away. 

And yes, these photos were actually taken on my vacation. I have to say the stunning bathrooms at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel made for a beautiful backdrop ; )

How do you organize your jewelry when you travel?

Good luck! 

You know that tote bag that's so big it could hold everything you would ever need? Add a personalized monogram and you end up with this tote from The Monogrammed Home. I swear I could fit my whole apartment inside. It's just perfect for long days in class or a formal chapter meeting that never seems to end (snacks? check! comfy shoes? check!)

Shirt: Equipment via Nordstrom (Sold out, but also loving this one) / Sunglasses: Target / Earrings: Erica Wiener for Modcloth (c/o) /  The Monogrammed Home Tote (c/o) / Jeans: AG Denim / Shoes: Tory Burch (Similar here and here)

Also wearing "After School Boy Blazer" by Essie and this ring (now on sale!)

Besides finding a great big bag, there is a tricky balance of finding the right outfit during early Fall here in Oregon. Its freezing in the morning, warm in the afternoon and cool at night. Usually I end up carrying a sweater around all day and peeling it on and off whenever Mother Nature changes her mind. But lately I've been finding that these sheer button ups are tolerable through the whole day. I snapped up a few patterned and plain ones at Nordstroms this weekend, and even scored one at Goodwill the same day. (Ironic right? considering I paid triple for the first three blouses)

Cannot wait for cooler days ahead!

What do you wear during the early days of fall?


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