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Gallery walls are harder to accomplish than one might think.

Lets start with the fact that I have been in my current apartment for nine months, and the whole gallery wall has been on my office floor all that time. Till last weekend, when I decided it was the only thing on my "office" to-do list that I hadn't done yet and it was time to pull the trigger. The irony of it all was that in total (besides planning) it only took me about ten minutes to accomplish. You win some, you lose some.

What better way to celebrate getting the wall done than to share a little peek at it with you all! (My office space doubles as my "getting ready" area and closet for reference)


On My Wall

Amperstand Canvas/ Snagged a canvas from Goodwill and DIY-ed it!

PDX Prepster Canvas/ My sweet friend Dorothy painted this for me! You can check out her blog here and her canvas shop here. She is the sweetest and I love seeing her rendition of my logo when getting ready in the morning.

On My Vanity

Have you attempted or completed a gallery wall? What was your experience with the process? Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


Oh January, what a long long month you have been. It has been so foggy outside most days this month that when I leave my apartment I cant see my car from the porch. This dreary weather has inspired a new go-to color combo to test out, and its perfect since I'm not quite ready for Valentines pink and red to arrive. 

But don't take me too seriously, next week I will probably be eating candy hearts by the crate.

Outfit Details: Necklace (c/o)/ Cashmere Cardigan/ Quilted Vest (c/o)

Whats a color combo that you have been loving? Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Happy Tuesday! 

I have loads of homework (and "work" work) piling up on my desk so I will keep it short today! 
Sharing some snaps of an outfit combo that I wore on my recent trip to NYC. This sweater+skirt+tights combination that was a go-to my whole trip. I even broke down and paid the high ticket for the hotel dry cleaning service to clean it just so I could wear it some more.

I also cant give this fluted skirt a bigger thumbs up! Its versatile (duh!), comfortable, and hits at just the right length. Fellow short girls, you may want to stop at your local J.Crew Factory to pick one of these up!

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Jonathan Adler gets me. I mean, I have yet to meet the man behind the brand yet every time I step foot into his store I walk out with "just one more thing" for my apartment. Dude must have psychic powers or something. 

The Jonathan Adler team was kind enough to send over a new tote for the new year and I cant help put adore what it says on the front. (on the back is a cute scallop pattern!)

"Why be grown up when you can be groovy?"

I whole heartedly believe in marching to the beat of your own drum. Here is to a year of laughing hard, staying up late, watching a little way too much Netflix, and overall doing what works for you. Happy 2015!

Outfit Details: Elbow Patch Tunic (c/o)/ Leggings/ Booties/ Earrings (similar style/color here)/ "Groovy" Tote Bag (c/o)/ Lip Color

Hope you all have a "groovy" weekend : )


Happy Wednesday!

Disclaimer: When your traveling, do you ever walk out of your hotel room thinking "I look swell" only to later see a photo and realize...."I totally should have ironed what I'm wearing." 

Yeah...sorry guys. Please forgive. #badblogger

Moving on, I wore this dress non stop during my trip to NYC in December. If you have never heard of the brand (Piol Dress) before I highly recommend giving it a glance. It's the perfect website if you need a basic, well fitting dress and have sizing difficulties. You design a dress and they sew it custom fit for you! What a dreamy concept.

If you have been reading this blog for awhile (if your new, Hello!) you know that I always struggle with good fit. Standing at 5'1" everything I try on seems to be too big and too small at the same time. Custom fit websites have been a great way to get basic items that fit well, so thank you Piol Dress!

Moving on to these Julie Lopez flats, funny story. My second day I had a coffee date and a meeting in the same area and hadn't mastered the subway just yet. I decided it was a fantastic idea to run all the way up the east side of Central Park in heeled boots that morning to get to my meeting. I made it just in time, but on my way back tripped and fell over the curb and onto the street. Graceful, I know. 

I damaged my knee and ankle (pretty mildly) and took a cab back to my hotel room. No more heeled shoes for me. 

Two good things happened after this incident. 

1. I finally (with the help of my boyfriend) learned how to use the subway system effectively.

2. Julie Lopez sent me these comfy leopard flats that saved my feet the rest of the trip. Seriously they didn't even need breaking in. The cushioning in them is perfect and they still look like any other stylish pair of flats. They were the only shoes I wore the rest of my trip and I thank my lucky stars that I decided to pack them.

Outfit Details: Dress (c/o)/ Tights/ Shoes (c/o)/ Earrings (c/o)/ Nail Color/ Photos by Bekka Palmer

Anyone have any injury/travel stories that are equally embarrassing? Or am I just the clumsiest creature on the earth.

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