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If I had infinite funds, I would buy tassel earrings in every color imaginable. At the top of my list? These and these! However if told I could only buy a pair in one color, I would (without hesitation) choose turquoise. 

These Mad Jewels tassel earrings that I brought on our recent trip to the coast are more versatile then I would have imagined! I wore them out to dinner both nights and with the outfit pictured below during the daytime, talk about cost per wear! 

Outfit Details: Tassel Earrings (c/o)/ Sweater/ Denim/ Leopard Ballet Flats (c/o)

Have a wonderful weekend!


This January I spent a full weekend overhauling my wardrobe, and I thank my lucky stars that I did because the past two months my closet has been as organized as ever! 

When I left for college, I had this immense fear that I might need something to wear only to remember that I left it at home which resulted in a closet space that was constantly full and a never ending cycle of laundry loads. Fast forward a year and here I am in my apartment, when it all comes into focus. I had stuff in my closet that was from the beginning of high school and hadn't been worn in well over three years. 

It was time for a fresh start, and this was how I did it. 

Step 1// Gather inspiration and come up with a plan

Before you even start, before check out Pinterest to pick up some organizational hacks and tips. My inspiration for this round of "closet clean out" was inspired by the recently popular Kon Mari method.

Step 2// Dump it all out

All of it! Shirts, shoes, socks, pants, skirts, jewelry, bags, swimsuits. Pull it all out and set it in a space where if you need to leave it alone for awhile you can. It is quite possible that this could turn into a weekend long project, and thats ok! Just make sure to give yourself ample time off from the pile and many a caffeine break : )

Step 3// Sort it by color

Sort it all out by color so that you can look at what colors you buy the most. This was really eye opening for me because while I've always thought that navy was the color I purchased the most, I had accumulated 30 (you read that right, thirty) pink shirts.

Step 4// Hold up each item and evaluate

This is where things get tricky and reality hits. It can be so hard to part with clothing, but you have to be harsh with yourself here. If you haven't worn it in a year and you wouldn't buy it again, chances are it will sit in your closet indefinitely.

Tip: Friends can be the best help during this step! Ask for assistance from a fresh set of eyes to help you comb through what you are and are not wearing.

Step 5// Set a budget for organizational tools

Decide what tools you need to maximize closet space and keep everything tidy and set a price limit. Before you hit the store, scan around your house and try to re-purpose things you already have. Then depending on your budget you can check out a variety of stores that carry what you need.

Thirty One Gifts was kind enough to send me these cah-ute monogrammed pink bins and I cant get over how cheerful they look in my closet! Besides the storage they provide (the backs have clear panels so you can see inside) I now find myself purposefully leaving my closet door open just to look at them from my desk. I have a feeling that through my college years they will work in any space and get used over and over again.

My favorite places to look:

The Dollar Tree (check for dollar hacks on Pinterest!)
Amazon (has the best acrylic stuff!)

Step 6// Take donations, consignments, and trash piles out

Consign it/ If its designer, unique, or in outstanding condition. Consigning is a great way to earn some extra cash, but don't expect immediate payment or high earnings. It can be heartbreaking to learn that by selling those True Religion Jeans you bought in high school you will only scratch the surface of what you paid for them. Ah, the unfortunate reality of retail.

I always keep in mind that selling 5-6 items usually allows me to buy just 1 new item, but if its an item that I end up using its totally worth it.

Donate it/ Donate items that are in decent condition. And while Goodwill is a great way to donate, check to see if there is a local cause to donate some clothes to. If you can get through this process and help someone else along the way, bonus points!

Trash it/ Trash items that are broken, super worn, and damaged.

Step 7// Sort remaining items by type and put them back into your closet

Step 8// Make a list of whats missing

If you notice that you are lacking something (some new jeans, a plain top, sweaters) jot it down so that the next time you are at the store, you remember what you really need.

Step 9// Reward yourself for a job well done

Have you ever tried the Kon Mari method? Is there another method or strategy that you use when cleaning out your closet space?


In terms of what to wear on the daily, I'm kind of at that point where I have spring fever but don't want to put away my plaid scarves just yet. Im really just not ready, and the windy weather lately must be a sign that Mother Nature agrees with me. The plaid stays!

These photos are from my recent weekend at Whale Cove. Missing that salty sea air right about now! 

Have you put away your holiday plaids yet?


A weekend re-cap on a Thursday? Oy! 

This past weekend I headed up to the Oregon coast for Valentines Day and though I have been numerous times before, felt especially refreshed when I came home. We stayed at Whale Cove Inn and I was overall impressed with the hotel and just how gorgeous it was, my Instagram snaps do not do it justice. 

Starting off with the fact that our second night sunset was unbelievable, and there was a Jacuzzi out on the deck that made the perfect viewing spot. We were going to head out to eat, but opted for takeout instead so that we wouldn't miss the sunset (and SNL40 hehe)

This Hayden Reis tote bag comes with me on every single weekend trip! It is huge and water resistant  making it the perfect bag for packing 2-3 days worth on an adventure. Seriously it even has pockets that line the inside for shoes, socks, etc.

I love my black and white one, but if your into colorful totes Hayden Reis has an array of super cute bright colored ones to pick from. This gold and mint pineapple one kills me!

For valentines dinner we went to Restaurant Beck within the hotel. I really didn't feel like wearing heels to dinner and opted for these beaded loafers instead. They are perfect if you are looking for a "night time" shoe that isn't heeled.

Crazy beautiful skies going on the whole trip!

Stopping for taffy was necessary on our way home. So beyond obsessed with the cotton candy flavor plus I could watch them make the taffy all day long. 

Totally wishing that all weekends could include a trip to the beach! What did you do on Valentines Day this year? 

PS. Outfit details for the drive on Valentines Day can be found here


A happy Valentines Day to you all!

Today is a day to celebrate all the love in your life, including friends, significant others, moms, dads, siblings, and even pets. I have to say that my favorite part of this holiday every year is seeing people scramble around the stores to find the perfect something for someone that they love. My two favorites that I've seen so far this year? A girl in Nordstrom picking up the perfect pair of earrings for her sister who just finished law school, and a man in Bath and Body Works distraught over finding the right scent for his wife. So so so cute! It just warms my heart.

Because V Day this year falls on a Saturday (hooray!) I'm currently on my way down to the Oregon Coast with the boy for the weekend. I will probably get dressed up for dinner while we are there, but I'm keeping it casual for the car ride today.

For both plans both grand and casual I think you can't beat adding a pop of pink or red to your outfit, and I've been relying heavily on this Vera Bradley scarf for that purpose all February long.

Outfit Details: Quilted Crossbody Bag (c/o)/ Denim (my favorites!)/ Short Trench Coat (similar)/ Striped Turtleneck (similar)/ Pink Ombre Scarf (c/o)/ Roshe Runs/ Double Pearl Earrings

Hoping you have a "love"-ly Valentines Day!


Special thanks to Vera Bradley for sponsoring this post.

TGIF Everyone!

Considering I did a "Whats In My Bag" post around Christmas it seemed appropriate to update it for the month of February. What I didn't include?

- An embarrassing number of Starbucks/Target receipts
- A stray candy heart that said "Text Me"
- Dumbo on DVD (#typical)
- A coupon for orange juice

Vera Bradley Quilted Crossbody (c/o)/ I have been blown away by this little white bag! First off, when I think of Vera Bradley I think of the floral quilted tote bag I had in middle school. Little did I know that the company added leather to their product line. The quilting is adorable and the size holds just enough. There is even slots in the middle compartment if you want to use it as a wallet. 

Kate Spade "Cedar Street" Wallet/ (new version herediscounted version here) I scored this wallet at Kate Spade many seasons ago and even though I love it, its on its last legs. Its the cutest pattern and a decent size so I will be devastated when it gives out.

Henri Bendel Solar Power Bank/ I picked this up in NYC when my phone battery was constantly running low. Out of all the power banks that I've seen this one has to be the most helpful in a desperate phone situation given that it has a solar charging panel on the front. 

Vera Bradley "XO" IPhone Case (c/o)/ I have been carrying this iPhone case around all February long and it will still be just as cute post Valentines Day!

Essie Polish/ I've been wearing Essie "Clam Bake" all week and I carry this around for touch ups. 

Sugar Lip Color/ Fresh cosmetics is one of my long standing favorites for beauty products! These sugar lip colors are basically a tinted balm and are so smooth and nourishing. The one pictured is in the color "Passion"

Hair Elastic/ You can never have too many right? I swear they magically disappear whenever you really need one. I prefer these seamless ones over regulars as they leave zero dent when you take your ponytail/bun out. Feeling something patterned? These Vera Bradley ones are adorable!

Chocolate/ (you caught me) Not usually something I carry around but the Vera Bradley team sent them over and I couldn't resist. They rapidly disappeared post-picture

Vera Bradley Link Necklace (c/o)/ I have been keeping this necklace in my purse to add to an outfit at the end of the day. In the morning I usually throw on a button up (like this one) and jeans so this adds some color to my outfit by the time my evening plans roll around.

Whats in your bag around this time of year?


Special thanks to Vera Bradley for sponsoring this post.

Its no secret that I'm obsessed with plaid and when cleaning out my closet realized just how much I had accumulated over time. I also noted that many of the patterns had similar color schemes and *eep* started pairing them together. 

Some of the pattern pairs have been total duds but others, like the one I'm sharing today have started to become regulars on the weekday outfit shuffle. 

Outfit Details: Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt (c/o)/ Denim/ Similar Cuff Bracelet/ Plaid Shirt (c/o)/ Reva Flats (old, totally wishing I had the new version. The elastic backs on mine are so flimsy)/ Earrings/ Ophelia Ring (c/o Rocksbox, use code pdxxoxo to get your first month free)

Do you ever pair two patterns together? 
Yay? Nay? Neutral?


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