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Outfit Details: Maxi Skirt (on sale!)/ Grey Tee (similar linked)/ Wallet (c/o)/ Sweet and Spark Vintage Cuff (c/o)/ Emerald Necklace (c/o)/ Birkenstocks

Have a great weekend!


Kicking this Monday off with my favorite puppy dog!

My favorite part of coming home? Walking my parents new pup, Scarlett. She is pretty darn cute (read: energetic) and grows larger every time I visit. When my parents got her she was about the size of a loaf of bread and now she can pull me across the street in whatever direction she chooses.

I love you Scarlett, please stop growing!


Beauty Details: Shadow Palette/ Lip Pencil/ Lip Color (super pigmented! love it!)/ Shadow Stick/ "Beach Stick" Blush (my favorite of the bunch!)/ Vintage Cinderella Poster

Charlotte Tilbury is a new to me beauty brand that is responsible for many a red carpet look. They have been carried in the Nordstrom Beauty Spot for awhile but, on Monday they launched a beauty counter in the Seattle Flagship. 

I was really tempted to zoom on up to Seattle for the event, but my workload made that just about impossible. The Charlotte Tillbury and Nordstrom teams were so thoughtful and sent up a sampling for me to test out and thus far I love everything! Its definitely "going out" makeup for me, but keep in mind my daily routine is pretty light. 

Two of the products really stand out to me! The lip color is gorgeous and the beach stick is something  I have never seen anywhere else! I feel like replacing blush permanently after using it. 

Have you ever used Charlotte Tillbury products before? 


This post was crafted in partnership with Nordstrom and Charlotte Tillbury. All product was provided c/o Charlotte Tillbury. Thank you for supporting the brands that make The PDX Prepster a possibility. 

Outfit Details: Striped Weekender (c/o)/ Chanel Flats (not-sold online, identical for less here)/ Theory White Blouse (sold out, but I just bought this one!)/ Navy Shorts (the best ever!)/ Monogrammed Sweater/ Louis Vuitton Crossbody Bag/ Sunglasses/ Earrings/ Nail Color

This combo is quickly becoming my favorite for summer! These shorts are truly life changing and are under thirty dollars.

Hope you all are having a wonderful start to summer!


Pictured: Pink Agate Barrette (c/o)/ Deborah Lippmann Pink Polish/ Gold Polish/ Rhino Hair Clip (this one is equally adorable!)/ Teal Agate Barrette (c/o)/ Essie Blue Polish

"Whats that thing in your hair?" is a question I have been receiving all month long!

I have been pulling half my hair up all the time this spring (see my favorite method here) and wearing these hair barrettes from Elizabeth Heard non stop!

I usually mix up which barrette I choose for the day but they usually end up paired with this striped top and denim cutoffs....and my trusty Birkenstocks. It seems that I've given up on all other footwear for the time being, ha! (more on that here)

Totally adorable, colorful, a little artsy, and 100% right up my alley. You can find Elizabeth Heards whole product line here (get 15% off your order with code PDXgems!)


I love retail shopping, but I love thrift shopping even more


1.) Its supremely inexpensive (seriously less than coffee sometimes!) Imagine a store where everything is 95% off MSRP

2.) It presents the opportunity to find completely "unique to you" items for your home and wardrobe. 

3.) Its perfect for items to DIY and creates authentic vintage fit if thats what you're going for. Shoulder pads, boyfriend fit, empire waist, full skirts....the whole deal.

Throw everything you think you know about sizing out the window/ This should go without saying but just try it on. 00's sometimes fit like 4's and larges sometimes look like mediums. Retailers  are often really terrible about sizing standards. So when different decades, styles, and retailers are all jumbled together you have no idea how something will fit. Ignore the tag, hold it up, and try it on!

Make sure to check for rips, tears, and missing buttons before you buy/ Lesson learned on this one. Nothing worse than finding something you love, to go home and find out that its damaged. Unless you are good with a thread and needle, then by all means go ahead! 

Goodwill is underrated/ Portland is often "known" for thrifting, but because of this recent popularity stores have upped their impressive inventory and prices! Goodwill is king and often they don't know what they have when they have something good. I have found everything from Jimmy Choos to a J.Crew puffer vest at my local goodwill. 

I also love checking out Goodwills when I'm on the road if I have the time. You would be shocked at how the area affects the inventory. I was talked into shopping at the Palm Springs goodwill and it was my favorite to date. I picked up my favorite (still in store!) Ferragamo Flats, a 1970's Hermes belt, my favorite Coach crossbody (pictured below), and a white label Lilly Pulitzer skirt. 

Best day ever, I think I spent around 80 dollars.

Searching for brands and looking for fun pieces are two completely different games/ Looking for unique pieces that inspire regardless of the brand? Easy. Just leisurely stroll through the store and look at patterns, colors, and textures. Nothing strike your fancy? Just leave. 

Looking for high brands is a different story. To know what the store has you have to spend a ton of time thumbing through the racks and dig dig dig dig....till you finally pass out. 

Apples and oranges.

Check out books and movies/ Total Disney freak speaking here, but the books and movies always have movies that are currently in the Disney Vault (don't know what that is? see here) Totally worth a glance.

Wash everything when you get home, and evaluate which items your not willing to buy used or "pre-loved" before you go/ Wash everything, you don't know where that item has been (which is part of the experience) but assume that its a little icky and give it a thorough cleaning. 

Along these lines know what you are and are not willing to buy used. I have friends that think that used shoes are gross, and others that think used shoes are totally fine. Its up to you, but just keep in mind your thrifting "boundaries"

Outfit Details: Shirt (thrifted, duh! Similar here)/ Bar Necklace (exact/ similar)/ Turquoise Necklace (c/o)/ Felt Hat/ Denim/ Earrings/ Riding Boots (on clearance)/ Ring (c/o)

Happy Thrifting! 


In response to yesterdays post (thank you all for the sweet comments/tweets/emails BTW!) Ive decided to shake it up a bit on The PDX Prepster. I have seen "I wanna know you" posts circulating around on other blogs lately, and it made me realize that I would love to know more about you folks who read along. But as with everything I do, I thought it would be 100x more fun Disney themed. So here is a little bit about me, and I cant wait to learn about you!

My #DisneySide

Favorite Movie: The Little Mermaid

Favorite Pixar Movie: Finding Nemo

Favorite Song: The Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room

Favorite Character: Dumbo

Favorite Park Food: Dole Whip!

Favorite Ride: A toss up between Splash Mountain and Star Tours

And just for kicks....Current Nail Color: Dior "Wonderland" (one of my all time favorites! see here)

Your Turn! Say hello and copy and paste the questions below into the comments section. I cant wait to hear from you and thank you in advance for providing my evening entertainment! I could read about someones Disney favorites all day long!

Favorite Movie:
Favorite Pixar Movie:
Favorite Song:
Favorite Character:
Favorite Park Food:
Favorite Ride:
Current Nail Color:

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