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Baublebar is one of my favorite places to pick up adorable jewelry that wont break the bank. When I hear the news that they were having a 30% off everything I quickly browsed the items that I have been eyeing (and sat at my desk mourning for the items that I payed full price for, am I right?). Here are my favorites. Obviously in a dream world I would add all of these to my cart, but eventually I will have to narrow down this list, hehe. 

Lashed Out Collection (Pictured Above)/ My all time favorite Baublebar buy! I have the ear jackets, the ring, and the bracelet and they make for great basic pieces with a quirky funky twist. 

Talula/Tropez Tassel Collection/ New arrivals and oh so gorgeous! I also think that the blue/green color combo will transition well into the fall season!

Antigua Tassel Bib/ Funky, colorful, and the perfect addition to any tropical outfit!

Acrylic Block Monogram Necklace/ I have the two letter in tortoiseshell and the quality is supreme for the price point. I know this is coming from me (a self proclaimed monogram addict) but is there anything a monogram necklace doesn't go with? The answer is no, they are great all around in the accessory realm. 

Acid Tassel Drops/ Super cute but move fast because these beauties sell out at lightning speed!

Capri Amulet/ Not something that I would typically pick out for myself but I love the whimsical colors and shapes, would look absolutely stunning with anything white! There is also a cape town bracelet builder that allows you to personalize the look of your stack for a discounted price. 

Marble Plane Ring/ Also a little funky and outside my "usual" accessory choice, but I am completely drawn to this piece.  

Rainbow Rock Bib/ If you are looking for a really unique piece, this necklace is for you! #AllTheColor

Cape Town Bracelet Set (now in two colors!)/ Also a best seller and its not hard to see why! The bracelet set now comes in two colors, and is a great price for colorful stacking. 

Cigar Band Ring/ Goes with everything, absolutely everything. Careful on the sizing though! These rings fit slim.

Cumulus Tassel Strands/ Gorgeous shades of sea blue and turquoise make this necklace perfect for any "mermaid in training"

Soshanna Amulet/ Im sensing a color theme...hmm. This necklace is a great length and adds a blast of color to any outfit. 

What will you/have you picked up from the Baublebar sale? The code for 30% off your entire purchase is: XMASINJULY


This is what I wore last night to a Reward Style event downtown. Special thanks to you guys for helping me pick it out on Snapchat (@pdxprepster) and Twitter! Picking outfits for events is always so hard for me and frankly I would rather wear my PJs, so I totally appreciate having you guys around "digitally" to bounce ideas off of. Have a great rest of the week!

Also, #Nsale is winding down and selling out so make sure to get everything on your list before its gone! Prices go back up this Monday! Wanna know what I bought this year? Check out this post


Ok ok so after this post I will officially cease all discussion of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (till next year that is) but if I didn't show off what I bought did I really even go? Here are the goodies I snagged this year.

Zella "Live In" Leggings ($33.90)/ These really do live up to their name so I went ahead and snagged 2 pairs for the fall season. I threw out all my old leggings after using a pair of these non-stop last winter, they are the best and for thirty dollars they are a steal! Cant wait to break 'em in with some cute boots!

Plaid Sweater-Shirt ($58.90)/ Saw it, tried it on, needed it. It looks so darn cute with leggings/boots and gives you a layered look without actually putting forth any effort.

Kate Spade Crossbody Bag ($98.90)/ I have multiple black cross body bags (I love love love my Tory one!) but zero in a tan or beige color. It was time to finally buy one and at just under one hundred dollars, this one was just what I needed. 

La Mer Skin Cream (GWP)/ So this was not on sale and never will be for that matter, but I did get a little extra value on my refill because of the anniversary sale gift with purchase promotion.

Equipment Cashmere Cardigan ($218.90)/ So long story short I completely destroyed a similar cardigan last winter from wearing it so much and needed a replacement. I know I will thank myself when its freezing and I need a cozy sweater but in this heat it feels like a waste of money. Summer go away, I'm so done with you. 

Kendra Scott Havana Necklace/ Not on sale but I had a gift card and some nordies notes so I thought I would get something fun and bright that I wouldn't normally splurge for. The relative adorable-ness of this necklace is what is getting me through these last few hot months.

I came, I saw, I shopped....and now my mailman officially hates me. What did you snag this year?


I feel like I was cursed with expensive taste from a very young age. I was the special type of brat that never wanted just the plain jane lego set I wanted the one with bells and whistles and Disney branding. As an adult this has transformed into a high end shopping problem that has to be balanced with the cost of living. Given this, stores like the Dollar Tree are often my best friend and I've always carried an admiration for thrifty people. My best friend in high school (Marisa) was always an inspirational "alien" to me, she can go through a store and head straight for the clearance rack. My best memories of her include turning in metal cans for snack cash, browsing goodwill, and DIYing just about everything. I adore her, and she has probably saved me countless amounts of money over the years. 

Being an adult is expensive. Toilet paper, toothpaste, sponges, cleaners, dry cleaning, shampoo, laundry soap....it all adds up so fast and leaves little room for fun purchases and outings. The beautiful thing about the internet is there are a ton of resources for money saving inspiration. Pinterest has quite the plethora of ideas as well as blogs such as Goodwillista and Budget Bytes. Those are just two of my favorites, there are so many more!

Below are a few things I've had success with at the Dollar Tree, keeping in mind that the quality is always a gamble these items are totally worth your hard earned dollar!

Laundry Clips/ I would venture to say these are one of my all time favorite buys from the Dollar Tree. Laundry is my favorite chore and these make it so easy to hang dry items. What is so ironic is I have a fancy version of this from The Container Store, and I actually prefer the dollar tree option. 

Craft Supplies/ Mod Podge is my favorite find but if your working on a craft project that requires floral elements the fabric flower selection is incredible. 

Organizers/ My best advice for organizing your space with Dollar Tree organizers is to mix and match. The ones at the dollar store can be really flimsy so my rule of thumb is to organize large spaces with more expensive/sturdy containers and tackle nooks and crannies (refrigerator, under sink storage, pantry, etc..) with dollar tree ones. 

Wrapping Paper/ I adopted the rule of recycling wrapping supplies long ago, but occasionally if I find something adorable I have to snag it. I get all my basic gift bags, cards, ribbons, and trimmings at the dollar store or the Target dollar spot and keep a steady supply so that I have some in a pinch.

Office Supplies/ Another section of the store thats hit or miss. Sometimes I find great post it note, highlighters, and pens and sometimes I don't. It all depends on your stores selection. I have found the cutest washi tape at the Dollar Tree!

Washcloths and Rags/ A little fun fact about me, I don't use paper towels! I use rags in my kitchen to keep things clean and cut down on my environmental footprint somewhat. I keep lysol wipes around just in case something gets out of hand but other than that I clean up my counters with reusable rags. Obviously I don't want to spend too much on these guys because they do have a short lifespan, so I pick up tough grain Disney washcloths from the dollar store every few months. I love them!

Brand Name Cleaners/ Once in a blue moon, the dollar store carries Dawn dish soap or Tide! I clear off the shelves when this does happen and keep a steady supply in my laundry room. Make sure to double check how much volume there is in each container before you buy some, often you are overpaying for a sample size. 

Velvet Hangers/ I use velvet "space saving" hangers exclusively in my closet and although the dollar store versions are cheap comparisons to the real thing, I have found that they are perfect for holding up lightweight tops and blouses. 

Car Supplies/ Car air fresheners, wet wipes, band aids, emergency flairs, tool kit. I snag everything and anything to keep in my car from the dollar store.

What have been your best Dollar Tree finds?


Outfit Details: Floral Kimono/ White Shorts/ Tassel Necklace (c/o, I also love this one)/ Sandals (size up!)/ White Tank Top/ Cuff Bracelet (c/o)/ Earrings (c/o)

Have a wonderful start to the week! Something to note (I know I know, you have heard this 10345324 times) the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is going on this week. Definitely worth a glance for some discounted fall goodies. Want to know what I snagged? see here!


Etsy is quickly dominating the accessories market, and is becoming the #1 resource for everything creative and handmade. Here are ten adorable Etsy stores that I cant seem to stay away from.

Elizabeth Heard/ If you haven't already heard about my obsession with this store, see here! I love love love her hair clips and have been wearing them all summer long. 

Loves Affect/ Carly has adorable jewelry that I see popping up every where I turn. She does pastel like no one else and I love all of the tassel pieces. 

Yimi Jewelry/ Gorgeous boho jewelry with Texan flair, I basically love everything from the Yimi and the owner is the biggest #girlboss that I know. The bracelet pictured above, is one of my all time favorites and gets worn season after season.

Happily Ever After Tees/ A must see for any Disney junkie. 

Stuck Together Shop/ Im really bias here because the shop owner (Marisa) is one of my good friends. However with that said she is also one of the most talented crafters I have ever met and has been making elaborate collages since the day I met her (starting with high school binder covers). I am so proud to share her shop. The pineapple and flamingo pieces are my favorites! I have a flamingo framed in my living room.

Kellembell/ Kelly is not only a wonderful human but a talented necklace maker as well! Her fabric necklaces and bracelets are colorful and bold and can even be monogrammed to suit any event. I myself own three!

Annechovie/ Ginger jars, hot pink, and adorable matchbooks galore, I will take one of each please!

Felt Like Paper/ This shop has cutest little itty bitty seed bead bracelets! I love to stack them up in the summer like the threaded friendship bracelets I used to make at sleep away camp.

Pup Tart Handmade/ Pineapple pillows, watermelon pouces, banana handbags, cactus pillows and much much more. 

Free Forme/ Inexpensive watches in uber fun prints! The shipping takes awhile as they are made outside the United States, but these make wonderful inexpensive gifts for just about anyone. Oh! and that strap color can be personalized 

The list of shops is grows daily and I always love to find more! Leave the link to your favorite Etsy stores in the comments and I will be sure to check them out. 


PSA: The dress I am wearing in this outfit...is actually a 20$ nightgown (at least according to Target)

Outfit Details: Palm Print "Dress"(a total bargain!)/ Birkenstocks (aka the only shoes I've worn in weeks)/ Sun Hat (a new favorite!)/ Open Knit Sweater/ Gem Cuff (c/o)/ "Diamond" Ring

You see, we went on a little road trip for the long weekend and guess who forgot her bag at home?
Yup, me. And whats worse is my boyfriend must have said "don't forget your bag" at least 100x before we left. Embarrassing. 

One late night trip to the nearest Target was absolutely necessary. I grabbed what I needed and had to pick out something to wear for the next day. I didn't suspect that this would be a hard task considering all the times I've resisted the clothing section at target previously. 

What a nightmare. 

Nothing fit, everything was either an XXS or an XXL. And when I came out of the dressing room in a huff I finally spotted one dress across the aisle that I liked in my size. Long story short, the dress is actually a nightgown and is meant for sleeping.

Personally....I dig it it as a dress and will wear it as such. To each, their own. 

Hope you had a less stressful weekend than I did, Happy 4th!


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