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Who is excited for tonight?!?! And if you are not you should be!

The launch of a new Star Wars film hasn't happened since I was about 10 years old and I am so so so so so so excited to see The Force Awakens. Im sharing an outfit today that would be super comfy for some film watching or waiting in line tonight. I decided to go with a this hat from Target (I was ambitious early on and was going to make my own Jedi robe) because its way easier than staying in a costume and most theaters have banned masks and lightsabers :(

If you are looking for something equally easy for your hair, I have a tutorial on DIY Leia buns right here.

Nerd life, am I right? 

Outfit Details: Winter Coat (on sale!)/ Star Wars Holiday Pom Pom Hat

And if you are in need of some last minute "Star Wars" centered gift ideas, I have a whole guide up on the blog

May the force be with you!


Got a star wars geek/fan/aficionado in your life? Oh boy oh boy do I have them covered on todays gift guide! We are all so pumped to see "The Force Awakens" this week so consider this a celebration of all things from a galaxy far far away.

May the force be with you all this weekend! Let me know what time you are seeing the movie and feel free to ask any "Star Wars" related questions on Tumblr!


As much as I wish I was someone who had a tree each year with a theme and color scheme, currently I'm just not. I like collecting personal and overall adorable ornaments too much to get it together and have a tree that is ultra coordinated. Here is whats on our tree this year, new and old. 

*Thought I would mention that we went with this artificial tree from Target this year. We will both be out of town for a period of time and it made the most sense for our space and situation*

The newest addition to my ornament stash is this adorable gingerbread man who is accessorized as a disney tourist. Way too cute!! The Mickey ears just kill me. He is from a store that sells little gingerbread men doing all sorts of activities which I will link here. The little scuba diver gingerbread man has to be my second favorite. 

A few monogrammed ones, per usual. The top one is from this shop on Etsy and the lower one is from Pottery Barn.

One of my favorites! From Jonathan Adler. I have a ton of his ornaments including this giraffe and this silver elephant.

My new gingerbread buddy, these cute little santa clips (similar here), and some generic gold orbs that I picked up at the Dollar tree for my mini "room tree" in high school. Bizarrely enough they havent lost any glitter in the 4 years-ish that I have had them.  

Crying toddler (me!) Santa picture, pretty standard :)

My parents did elf on the shelf before it was cool, ha! This was my elf that my mom picked up from an antique store when I was little.

Another vintage find from a local goodwill in high school

My glass ballerina from childhood (freaks me out to store and own this one, so beautiful but I'm always scared of it shattering),  a mini stocking that Cameron made as a little kid, and a 2014 Starbucks red cup which I snag every year. 

A jungle cruise nutcracker that we picked up this year!

2015 red cup, there are tons of these all over my tree which alerts me to what a severe coffee problem I have.

And finally, lord Vader. Which was contributed by Cameron this year. 

Oh what fun! I have asked once but I might as well ask again, whats your favorite ornament on your own tree?


I spent Thanksgiving up at Timberline Lodge this year and I think it might become a new tradition. Not only was it such a great meeting place but no one worried about food preparation and it was an overall relaxing time. My favorite part of the day at the lodge they few days we were there was definitely nighttime! We spent our evenings by the fire catching up on hobbies and work, in the heated pool, or in our room drinking cocoa with Scarlett (my parents dog, meet her here) and listening to Christmas music because it was officially acceptable. Such an unreal experience to focus on just yourself up in the mountains, here is what I wore during our evenings.

This scarf was the only one I packed (if you know how I usually pack, this is an unbelievable feat!) and it really would make a fantastic inexpensive gift. Its super soft and I wore it in and out every single day. 

The lodge itself is such a historical wonder, and the photography lighting is extra historical as you can see by the tone of these pictures :) 

Outfit Details: Geometric Print Scarf (super inexpensive and soft!)/ Oversized Cable Knit Sweater/ Denim/ Chanel Flats (not sold online, similar linked)/ Earrings

10/10 would recommend! The perfect mountain getaway, especially during the added stress of the holidays. Headed to Mount Hood soon? You can see my recommendations right here.


PS. Just in case your still shopping for your loved ones, I have a few gift guides iso you can get the ideas flowing. I know that gift guides are so flooded every corner of the internet right now, but I tried to be somewhat original and niche so that it might just spark an idea for you guys. Enjoy!

Holiday Sale Posts: Black Friday GuideCyber Monday Guide

I really have a thing about toning down my Disney obsession for work meetings and everyday life just a notch and this shirt is right up my alley! If someone asks what my shirt says, I definitely explain it but otherwise it just looks like any other shirt. The fact that it pairs perfectly with my holiday plaids is just an extra bonus :)

I get pretty excited to sport holiday plaid when December arrives (see here) but I am especially excited today because not only am I wearing my favorite pattern, but the cutest Disney shirt as well! Double the fun! And to top it all off we headed out to our favorite tree farm to document this very merry outfit. 

This tee says: "I use antlers in all of my decorating!" which if you need a memory boost is a line from the song Gaston in Beauty and The Beast! I have attached a gif from the song below.

Such a good line choice compared to "and every last inch of me is covered with hair!"

Obsessed is an understatement, and I have some more fun planned with the company who makes these (Happily Ever Tees) so stay tuned. 


Oh! and I have been pretty active on Tumblr lately so feel free to follow along and send a few questions my way! Happy Weekend Friends!

Pictured: Scarf

One of my favorite ways to add comfortable festive flair to my outfits this time of year is with a colorful plaid or holiday tartan scarf. I have been wearing this one non-stop and you guys liked this photo from my Instagram so much that I thought I would share a few of my seasonal repeat favorites!

Neck warm? check! Cute outfit? check! a super easy formula for this stressful yet merry time of year :)


I have been so excited about todays post for so long, I can't even tell you! Today I am partnering up with Covergirl and Lucasfilm to share an easy DIY Leia Bun hair tutorial and a beauty look from the light side of the Covergirl "The Force Awakens" collection. 

As soon as it was announced that Covergirl would be doing a Star Wars inspired collection I was ready to run to my nearest Target at the drop of a hat. Once it was launched I did just that to find that it was for the most part sold out in my area! If you are experiencing similar issues I have two bits of good news for you!

1. I will be giving away TWO Covergirl prize packs at the end of this post filled with Star Wars goodies!! 

2. I was able to find the collection online just in time for holiday gift giving. 

This hair idea is super easy and this is not one of those blogger moments where I'm lying to you and it really isn't, it takes a few tries but once you get it down it will take you ten minutes. Its what im planning on doing for the premiere here in Portland on the 18th.

The makeup look is surprisingly simple as well and completely wearable for day to day. If you are  a brunette like I am, you will love the bronzy tones of the light side collection. 

Without further ado! Here is what I did, be sure to enter the giveaway at the end.

What I used for the hair: Garnier Finishing Paste (the best stuff!), Two tube socks, and a few bobby pins. Like I said, super simple. 

What I used for makeup: Lip Color/ Mascara/ Eye Palette (all c/o Covergirl)

What else I used: Foundation/ Eyeliner/ Cheek Tint

I started out with a clean face and added powder foundation, cheek tint, and eyeliner later on. 

I started out with the lip color, as it was probably the most exciting thing on my counter. I fell in love with the bronze/gold color and it is my new favorite for fall and winter. It goes on super light which is great with such a bold color. 

Next I moved on to the eye palette and mascara. The eye palette was super easy to follow (they section out all the steps) and the mascara in true covergirl fashion was fantastic. I have used the lash blast since middle school.  

The best part about each mascara is that there is a limited edition Star Wars quote to collect. Just in case you need one more reason to fill your cart, these would make the best stocking stuffer for any Star Wars lover. 

With makeup done! (easy!) I moved on to my hair. In order to do this part your hair right down the middle or as close as you can get if you have cowlicks like I do. Next section your hair into two low ponytails like pictured. 

Loop the bottom of the ponytail onto your cut off tube socks and slide it a few inches up the hair. 

Begin to pull and flip the hair towards you and a bun will begin to form. This will take a few times to get used to, so if you need help just search "sock bun" on Youtube!

Repeat on the other side

Done! you have two perfect Leia buns and are ready to launch! 

Be sure to enter to win in the rafflecopter widget below and may the force be with you! Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be in theaters December 18th.

Thank you to Lucasfilm and Covergirl for sponsoring this post! All Star Wars images owned my Lucasfilm. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Disney Damsel a possibility :)

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