June 2016 | Ariel and Alder
Its about time a Pixar themed DIY post popped up on this blog!

Today I am sharing a DIY wall hang idea inspired by my newest favorite film, Finding Dory! If you havent seen the film, you need to! It was so cute and Camerons verdict was that it was even better than the original....which started a lively conversation on the car ride home ;)

Hank was definitely my favorite new character walking out of the theatre, so todays idea is all about him. I was inspired by his coloring (Aqua/Eyes, Coral/Skin, Peach/Tentacles) for this project.  I used items from the Crayola x Finding Dory collection on this and the colors in the markers were so exact.

Pictured Yarn (Blue/ Coral/ Tan)

You will need:

-Yarn (BlueCoralTan)

Want to learn how to make it? I made a how-to video!

Just keep swimming and have a great long weekend! Make sure to subscribe on youtube to be the first to know when a new DIY video comes out! you can check out my last one here!

xo, Natalie

This post was crafted in partnership with Crayola. Thank you for supporting the brands and partners that make Ariel and Alder a possibility!

This post was sponsored by JCK as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. Thank you for supporting the brands and partners that make Ariel and Alder a possibility!

When you traditionally think of fine jewelry you think first of two categories, "stuff your grandma would wear" and engagement rings. Mental images of stiff set precious stones in repetitive patterns come to mind. 

As a young person, this pretty much summed up what I thought of fine jewelry. Until the other day when I was in the jewelry store with my mom and I spotted a set of diamond stacking rings that I loved and realized that trends are truly spread everywhere in retail. If something is popular enough in high end it trickles down to low end and vice versa. A great example of this is the "halo engagement ring" that has been all over Pinterest the last few years. 

Jewelry is an undeniably fun way to express your personal style, which is why I was intrigued to come across JCK

What is it? No worries, I hadn't heard of it either!

Imagine if everyone within the fine jewelry industry were in a room discussing what was next for the season ahead, this is what JCK does but in editorial form. They declare themselves "The Jewelry Industry Authority" and it is really true, new jewelry designers and trends get discovered each year through them. Brands like Alex and Ani (my personal fave!), Pandora, Fossil, and Tacori are just a few from JCK that we see everyday in major malls and retailers.

Pretty cool right? A lot goes on behind the scenes that as consumers we don't know about!

Because this is a Disney related blog and I'm Disney themed type of girl ;) I thought the best way to organize this post would be to highlight some of my favorite trends with the help of a few of my favorite heroes and villans! If you are familiar with Disneybounding, some of these pieces would make great additions to your character themed outfit! 

Starting with my favorite princess and go-to mermaid, Ariel! 

The collapsing waves on this cuff by Doryn Wallach made me think of Ariels signature green tail. This cuff is so simple yet shapely, which is great when looking for a piece that can go with anything. Geometric is definitely one of my favorite all time trends and the diamonds add a unique touch. 

When I saw the color of these earrings (also geometric!) Elsa was the only thing that came to mind. The bold, blocky shape of these is not for everyone, but the color is versatile. 

Topsy Turvy! The medallions that balance on this Necklace by Fern Freeman are reminiscent of the ones that dance along Esmereldas gypsy skirt. The industrial arts trend is another one of my favorites and I love the mixed metals within this piece.

On to the villans! When I saw this necklace from the "Exotic Journey" trend, I immediately thought of Jafars signature hat! This necklace really is the perfect shape for an outfit inspired by him and I thought the exotic trend was so fitting.

Hades is straight up wicked, and so is this necklace. The sharp ends and hard shape really reminded me of his Grecian robes and this piece would quickly turn into a daily wear for me. Its another good one from the "Industrial Arts" category!

Have you ever seen something so Ursula in your life!? These earrings are from the "Modern Pearl" trend and the extending arms are so tentacle-esque and eerie. Definitely not your grandmas pearls, unless your grandmother was part purple sea witch.

All and all, Geometrics and Industrial Arts were my two favorite trends from JCK this season. For more info on these pieces and JCK in general, you can check out Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

xo, Natalie
If you have been following along on Instagram you know that I have been all about the flowers lately. I am usually like this when spring and summer come around but this year flower fever has been in full swing. One thing I have been especially into is floral prints on my clothing and accessories. Like I said this isn't anything crazy new but I am especially into it so I rounded up some of my favorite floral print things to share.

Outfit Details: Floral Tunic (c/o Eshakti)/ Denim/ Watch (c/o)/ Hat

This floral tunic that I'm wearing is one of my favorites for summer, Eshakti sent it just in time for the sunshine! If you havent heard of them or why their sizing is so different you can click here to read all about them!

Here are a few things that caught my eye!

xo, Natalie

Its been a full month with our puppy Baloo and we are so in love with her! She is such a sweet companion and now that the hard part of training is done we have been really enjoying our playtime with her. She has a few favorite things that I thought I would share!

Stuffed Ewok Squeaker/ Baloo loves stuffed animal toys which makes me so happy, this one is one of her favorites. Growing up I had a black lab who loved nothing but tennis balls which aren't the "most fun" toy to buy at the Pet Store. This particular Ewok is from the Star Wars collaboration at Petco and we have a really hard time not buying at least one new Star Wars toy each time are in store. The whole collection is great for any fan, I will be doing a more thorough post on some of our favorites.

Cuddler Dog Bed/ We picked one of these up (the brand we selected was called "haven") and Baloo loves snuggling in it. When we brought her home we weren't sure what kind of dog bed she would like, so she just had a crate mat and a blanket to snuggle with at night. Major upgrade for her to switch to this one, she loves it!

Stick Treat Toys/ Baloo loves real sticks and anything stick shaped, so a toy that is stick shaped but also serves as a treat vessel is awesome!

Newman's Own Dog Treats/ We love these! Baloo thinks they are super tasty and they have simple ingredients in them which makes us feel great about giving them to her. Win, win!

Pink Kong Toy/ I couldn't resist when I saw that Kong made pink and blue toys for little puppies. Since Baloo comes into the office with me Monday- Friday these are great for keeping her busy for a few hours. Usually I freeze some nut butter in the front of the Kong so that she has to work to get the treats out of the back. Kong also makes an "easy cheese-like" substance that you can spray directly into the toy but I am still unsure of how healthy it is.

And although she loves all the things listed above, naps are still her absolute favorite ;) 

You can shop everything I mentioned in the widget below, hope your week is off to a great start!

xo, Natalie

Back in March, I drove all the way from Portland to Anaheim on a road trip to Disneyland with my friends. When planning the trip, we decided the most interesting place to stop for a few days in between would be San Fransisco. Since I have been to the city a few times (my SF travel guide) I thought it would be super fun to try out an area of SF I hadn't fully explored. 

We settled on staying in the Presidio (more on where we stayed here) and one of the things I insisted on doing was checking out The Walt Disney Family Museum before we drove to Disneyland. I had been once before with my mom but we had a flight to catch and had to rush through each room. I wanted a full day to take my time learning all I could about Walt. 

I picked up this pin on my first trip there and it is sadly no longer available. A ton of you have asked about it, sorry guys!

The building itself is incredibly impressive! It sits in a row of renovated brick buildings (The Presidio used to be a military base) right along the bay. From a glass hallway in the back, you can see the entire golden gate bridge and if its foggy the view is stunning! 

Here are ten things to not miss if you visit!

1. Walts Family History and Childhood

This was something I wasn't prepared to learn about but was so glad that I did!

 The first room you walk into is all about Walts early beginnings in Missouri. This really resonated with me because we all start out as children, and skills that develop as a child are reflected later in our passions. Anyone who was a "creative kid" in the classroom can relate to the feeling of educational inadequacy and perhaps some minor resistance to our families support of pursuing artistic endeavors. Learning about his family support, early sketches, and his time in the military was a great way to lay the foundation for the rest of his life.

2. The Limited Edition "Seven Dwarfs" Oscar  

Walt received this one-of-a-kind award for the film, "Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs" in 1939. The film was regarded as "a significant screen innovation which has charmed millions and pioneered a great new entertainment field for the motion picture cartoon." The award has a main "golden man" followed by 7 "mini golden men" to represent the seven dwarfs. It is one of the coolest things I have ever seen in person and for Walt to receive one from the academy was a very unique honor.

3. The Cafe!

I think the cafe inside the actual museum is often overlooked and forgotten about. There aren't many places to eat at the Presidio, so we just ate here out if necessity initially and I left very impressed. The pricing (keep in mind this is SF) is very reasonable and its a great place to sit and eat before you hit up the gift shop or explore additional galleries outside of Walts life. I really like the seasonal soups, espresso drinks, and the meatball sandwich! Delicious!

Oh, and they have pretty white tabletops for Instagram photos if thats your kind of thing ;)

4. The First Known Drawing Of Mickey Mouse

This was really incredible to see! To see a rough sketch that would later turn into a globally recognized figure was unreal.

5. Scale Model Of Disneyland

This is a crown jewel of the museum and really gives you a "birds eye" view into what the park looked like on opening day. Walt designed attractions like "Mine Train Through Natures Wonderland" and "Skull Rock" that have since disappeared so its pretty neat to see the original layout of Disneyland.

This is something that I would love to take my father to go see! He visited the park way early in its history so as cool as I think it is, I'm sure he would find it extra cool looking at the park he visited as a child.

6. Interactive Animatronic "Barker Bird"

This was broken the first time I visited and I was so excited to get to try it the second time around. Its a real life animatronic tiki room bird that you can control and it really helps you understand how animatronics operate. What is the difference between a barker bird and tiki room bird? Find that out here

7. "The Bench"

Right as you are about to enter the Disneyland portion of the museum, you will pass by a very famous bench. The bench is the one (or one of the few) that Walt sat on in front of the merry go round in Griffith Park when he first thought of Disneyland. The rumor is that Walt was watching his daughters ride the merry go round without him and thought about how wonderful it would be if there was a theme park where parents and children could have fun and take part together. This thought later formed the idea behind Disneyland.

It makes for a very cute photo op and is the most popular "Instagram" spot in the whole museum!

8. Disney Workers On Strike

I loved how the museum presented Walt in a very human way and his failures were just as emphasized as his success was! His initial failures and roadblocks were also very interesting but I was most interested in the strike of his workers after he created what seemed to be a very successful studio. Walt considered this a "miserable" part of his life and I really liked how it portrayed a message that no one is ever "too big" to fail.

9. The Gift Store

As per usual, any opportunity I have to buy Disney merchandise my money flies out of my wallet faster than you can say "Magic!"

The gift shop is packed with tons of fun stuff for any Disney addict and I really liked the emphasis on other creative artists designing some of the items available! I pick up at least two new things every time I visit, and every time I come back there is stuff I havent seen before which keeps it interesting.

10. The World Mourns Walt Disney

If this room doesn't make you cry uncontrollably...I don't know what will. After learning about this mans work and every last inch of his life its impossible not to feel his loss in this room. The walls are surrounded by media headlines publicly mourning the loss of such a creative man and the joy he brought to so many lives. Its incredibly powerful and reflective of just how many people Walt Disney touched.

It really is something to see and I always recommend it to anyone going to the Bay Area or San Fransisco! I would like to thank the WDFM team for accommodating us on our last visit, we had a blast and learned so much. I will definitely be back for a third (and 4th, and 5th, and 6th) visit soon!

xo, Natalie
You would be hard pressed to find a pair of funky socks that I didn't like. I seriously have some for every holiday, celebration, and theme you can think of and pride myself on not having any white pairs in my collection of foot coverings. 

When I came across the brand Foot Cardigan, I stopped in my tracks. Its a monthly subscription service where you get a new pair of fun socks every month. You can also buy the socks individually (which is what I did here) but the subscription box is so tempting if you are like me and funky socks are your thing.

I went with these granny smith apple socks which I thought were just ridiculously cute!! The design is so simple and colorful which I love!

Granny Smith Socks (c/o Foot Cardigan)

Todays post is short, but what else do you need to say about adorable socks....just look at them! These particular socks always make me think of Bugs Land in DCA :)

You can sign up for Foot Cardigan here!

xo, Natalie
As you may or may not have noticed, I opened up a little Etsy shop

So many of you asked about buying a hoop on Instagram that I felt like it might be worth it to open up for business. My main intention with opening a store wasn't to make huge amounts of money (trying to make moolah from hand stitching is a bit of a joke) but to be able to share and send out more hoops to you guys! I have so much fun giving them to strangers in the park and hiding them that I wanted to extend the fun to those of you who "know" me online and might not be at the park at the same time as me. I will still be dropping hoops at Disney Parks (#natalieshiddenhoops) and giving them away on my social channels every once and awhile!

Hope you guys love what you see! I will add more as things progress.

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xo, Natalie

Soft Tee + Jean Shorts + Birkenstocks. One and done, that is what you will find me in all summer long. When it starts to get warm here in Oregon, I yank the few sundresses I own out of my closet and take them for a spin. I pair them with cute cardigans, fun necklaces, delicate sandals....until about 10 days in when I cut the BS and go back to the basics. Vacation is slightly different, but when its hot I want a great t-shirt/cutoffs combo. 

The shirt that I am wearing in this post, was in this months Smugglers Bounty. I love receiving a box filled with Star Wars goodies every few months and was delighted to see this shirt when I opened the box this time around (I talked about this on Snapchat). Usually the shirts are a little busy and often too masculine for my taste, so I appreciated the simple coloring and theme on this one. Definitely cute enough to wear with cutoffs and a simple watch! 

"There aren't breaks in blogging Baloo!"

Outfit Details: Denim Cutoffs/ Birkenstocks/ Star Wars Tee (c/o)/ Watch (c/o)

Outfit Details: Denim CutoffsBirkenstocksStar Wars Tee (c/o)/ Watch (c/o)

Ready for you summer!

xo, Natalie

I drink a smoothie every single day and If someone asked I would say its the perfect interim meal. You can take them in a to-go container and they are quick to make which makes them an ideal way to pack in nutrients mid-day.

Honest-T was kind enough to send over a sampling of their unsweetened tea this month and I have been integrating them into my day ever since. The tea is good on its own but the other day I ran out of fruit juice for my afternoon smoothie and tried the ginger tea as a replacement fluid. The result was so delicious that I thought I would share the recipe. 

Sometimes running out of an ingredient works out to be a plus!

I picked up some wild flowers at the dog park this weekend and they have made an adorable (and free) addition to my kitchen. I also have been picking up stray tennis balls for Baloo, but that's a whole other story.


-One Fresh Banana
-1 Cup Frozen Mango
-2-3 Tablespoons Of Greek Yogurt
(no measurement, just add till blended)
-Chia Seeds and Frozen Strawberries (optional)

Throw all ingredients in a high powered blender (I swear by this one) and blend together till smooth. If smoothie is too icy add more Honest-T or fruit juice. 

xo, Natalie

This post was sponsored by Honest-T, a brand I truly enjoyed trying! Thank you for supporting the brands that make Ariel and Alder a possibility.
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