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Back to school season is 100% here and 100% happening, which always makes me feel a little unprepared. Lucky for me I am not headed to class this fall but still, I always feel like I need to be organized for the season ahead. When working remote I totally prefer a backpack over a purse. It fits more and is easier to wear. Plus you can just pull out your wallet and keys if you don't need the full deal out and about and just leave it in your car trunk or locker. With that in mind I pretty much take the same things with me to a coffee shop that I did to the library when I was in school.

So if your wondering what I lug around when working remotely, this post is for you.

1. Laptop and Laptop Case // Pretty self explanatory, used to get work done on the go!

2. Extra Sweater // I get so cold everywhere so after 22 years of life I have learned to carry an extra sweatshirt just in case. I live by layering my clothes so this is an extension of that philosophy.

3. Cable Pouch // I carry around this Moana pouch (!!!) to keep a chargers, chapstick, hair ties, hand sanitizer, and other essential things at hand. I rotate whats in here but most of the time it has everything I would normally carry in a purse + a writing tool and highlighter.

4. Planner // Nothing fancy just a 2017/2018 one from Target!

5. Current Knitting or Embroidery Project // Right now it's a chunky fall scarf.

I'm pretty basic when it comes to packing my office to go, but this backpack is really ideal for the task. I love how light it is and the side pockets are ideal for not losing your keys ;)


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These apple shaped (and scented!!) Snow White shampoo bars are just the thing to get you or your kiddo humming "Heigh-Ho!" in the shower before school.

What You'll Need:

Soap Dye (Red, Yellow, Blue)
-Mango butter
- Moroccan Oil (c/o Kapulet)
- Essential Oil of choice (I chose apple, ha!)
-Wax Paper
- Rectangular Soap Mold or Loaf Pan

How To Make It:

1. Cut your soap base and melt it on low heat. You can do this using a microwave (30 seconds high) or with a double boiler set up.

2. Once melted, add in mango butter + moroccan oil + essential oil + and your shampoo. Stir to combine and then divide into four bowls.

3. In each bowl, add color dye. One red, one blue, one yellow and one white. 

4. line a pan or soap mold with wax paper.

5. Pouring in one color at a time, layer the soap. For best results let each color layer cool before adding another. 

6. Let cool for several hours, then stamp out apple shapes using cookie cutter. 

7. Store in a cool dry place and use for up to a year!

This post was crafted in partnership with Kapulet, a company that offers wholesale pricing on high end cruelty free beauty products. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Ariel and Alder content a possibility. You can shop everything from this post in the widget below.

Back to school time is finally here! Keep all your school supplies out of the way (and hide your snacks in class) with this cute felt pouch inspired by Meeko from Pocahontas!

What You'll Need: 

- Felt Pencil Pouch (available here!)
- 2 Felt Sheets (one black, one white)
- Needle and Thread OR Hot Glue Gun
- Scissors

How To Make It:

1. Cut out felt shapes (I used this template as a reference!).
2. Assemble the felt pieces.
3. Sew or hot glue your pieces to the felt pencil case.

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