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New York City is unlike anything else and it is one of my favorite "non-disney" places to visit! It's so dense with good food, different neighborhoods, top tier shopping, and many many many great cups of coffee. Here are a few places I like to hit up when I'm in the big apple!

The best brunch and overall dining experience in the city, Lafayette is my favorite choice for any occasion. Order anything and everything, its all good.

Multiple Locations
Stellar breakfast, solid brunch/lunch, and comforting dinner! Sarabeths is an all around great choice for any meal. The wait can be a little long so bring a book or a good friend!

120 Spring Street
There is a lot of great shopping in New York, but out of all the stores to visit my favorite experience is a stop at The Evolution Store in Soho. I can always count on bringing something 100% unique back home from this shop and its so fun to just look at everything. Shelves full of animal bones, stones, busts, preserved bugs, skins, agate slices, skulls, and thats just the tip of the iceberg. If you are building a gallery wall in your office or home this is the perfect place to find a funky 3D addition.

UES and Soho
There really isn't anything better than a visit to Laduree for something sweet. My old favorite was originally the store on Madison avenue, but after trying the Soho location on my last visit that has changed. The Madison store is best for quick stops, but if your looking to get the full experience a sit down tea/coffee/meal at the Soho store cant be beat! The cookies are pricey, but they are as light as air and I've never tasted a better macaroon. My all time favorite flavors are the pistachio, salted caramel, raspberry, and rose hips!

5th Avenue (inside the Ralph Lauren store)
The cutest little coffee bar there ever was! And you can do a little damage at Ralph Lauren while you sip....double trouble. Make sure to snag a coffee cup shaped business card on your way out, they are simply adorable!

The Palm Court (Tea At The Plaza)
One of the most beautiful places to enjoy high tea. Its high priced, but the food is high caliber and the tea selection is superb. They even ave an Eloise inspired tea for little ones (or little ones at heart!) If you are thinking of visiting, be sure to make a reservation in advance.

Multiple Locations
There are 1000+ places to get great coffee in NYC (including trusty ole Starbucks) but Maison Kayser is my favorite. There is a location just around the corner from where I usually stay making it irresistible in the morning. If you are stopping in for more than just coffee you can take a seat and try the baked goods, brunch, and sandwiches which are incredible as well. The selection of pastries can be overwhelming so if you are stuck on what to order just ask one of the staff members in the striped shirts! I tried a huge pistachio and white chocolate cookie on recommendation of the counter staff and its been my go-to choice since then.

East Village
The signature artichoke pizza is so so good and unlike any slice of pizza I've ever had! A definite must stop when looking for a quick bite.

5th Avenue
Im convinced that I could spend a full week in this museum and not get to see everything. Its huge and the rooms are constantly changing! The rooftop bar is also an enjoyable break if you are planning on spending a full day there.

When someone asks what my favorite Hawaiian island is, I always say Oahu! Not because it's more beautiful than Maui or more lush than Kauai, but because I generally think it has the most to offer to a variety of people. No matter what your trip intention is or what kind of traveler you are there is something for everyone to love in Oahu.

Golf pro? Shopaholic? Spa junkie? Thrill seeker? Nature photographer? Young family? I can almost guarantee no matter what or who you are you will find something to do on Oahu and have an incredible time doing it. Here are just a few of my favorite spots.

Waikiki Beach
The Royal Hawaiian is unreal. Every time I visit I'm amazed at how serene the property seems amidst all the hustle and bustle of Waikiki beach. Its hard to imagine, but the hotel used to be the only building in the area. The pink building is beautiful within itself, but its all of the beautiful restoration and modern resort amenities that make the experience all around amazing. The pink palace is very much a slice of old Hawaii.

Waikiki Beach
Great for drinks, breakfast, brunch, and dinner. An all around good choice for a Waikiki beach side meal. At dinner time there is a stunning curtained booth you can reserve, so if thats your thing or you're celebrating a special event be sure to make a reservation in advance.

Waikiki Beach
The most scenic dinner! The restaurant is not only 5-star delicious, but the beautiful beach view and white curtained deck make the whole experience surreal. Make reservations in advance, and make sure to read up on the parent hotels dress code when dining here.

Waikiki Beach
A great place to grab a drink+appetizers (or a beautiful afternoon lunch) with live music and scenery. make sure to read up on the parent hotels dress code when dining here.

Waikiki Beach
My favorite little coffee chain to frequent when I'm on the island. It embarrassingly serves as my "Starbucks" substitute (I'm an addict!) while I'm there and I love that its local. The coffee is wonderful, the location is convenient and there is plenty to munch on if you need a quick breakfast. They sell beans to take home that make for wonderful gifts.

The Moana is the sister hotel to The Royal Hawaiian and they are similar in many ways while still remaining unique. The Moana was once the only hotel on Waikiki Beach which is unbelievable considering how crowded it is today. The main building is gorgeously restored and has breezy plantation decks scattered throughout the lobby. The rooms are a little more modern than the main building which was unexpected but later on appreciated (the showers, OMG). Afternoon tea or breakfast on the front deck is not to be missed.

Union Square
A corner of Paris in the middle of SF. I love Cafe De La Presse for a sit down espresso drink and a cute cafe lunch. They have huge racks of french periodicals, tiny little tables, and the people watching cant be beat.

Incredible Mediterranean food! Kokkari is amazing fine dining and awesome for seating a large group. The giant bean salad and honeycomb dessert are my favorites. This place is always booked so make a reservation way in advance.

Piazza Del Duomo, 25
This tiny little store houses the most beautiful array of strictly gloves. Gloves in any color, length, and fabric you can imagine. Its the perfect stop if you have small or long hands that are beyond the sizes carried here in the US. 


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